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The Audio from the Performance from ‘THE FIRST TAKE’ of the Popular Track ‘Blue Bird’, which Has More than 200,000,000 Million Views Worldwide, Will Be Available Digitally from Friday, February 2nd

In December of last year Ikimonogakari performed the song ‘Blue Bird’ on the YouTube channel ‘THE FIRST TAKE’ to great acclaim. At midnight on Friday February 2nd, this song will be available on all digital stores.
This is the audio version of the original arrangement of ‘Blue Bird’ that they composed and first performed on video especially for ‘THE FIRST TAKE’. The track is of course a massive hit at their live shows but is also massively popular overseas.

The song ‘Blue Bird’ was first released in 2008 and garnered many fans both within Japan and overseas as the opening theme song for a massively popular anime series ‘Naruto Shippuden. The is the most listened to song by Ikimonogakari on streaming services, with more that 200,000,000 total plays worldwide.
In addition to the video performance of ‘Blue Bird’ on ‘THE FIRST TAKE’, you can now enjoy the audio version as well.

Moreover, they will bring their first concert hall tour in 12 years, the ‘IKIMONOGAKARI NO MINASAN, KONNITOUR!!2024 ~ANATATO! WATASHITO! MINNADE! UTAIMA SHOW!!~ (Ikimonogakari’s Hello Everyone Tour!! 2024, -You, Me, Everyone, Let’s Sing!)‘ tour to 19 cities across Japan, beginning Sunday, February 4th in their hometown of Ebina, Kanagawa at the Ebina Culture Hall.

In addition, for two days across Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th of May, under the name ‘IKIMONOGAKARI NO MINASAN, KONNITOUR!!2024 ~ANATATO! WATASHITO! MINNADE! UTAIMA SHOW!!~ YOKOHAMA NIJYU-MARU KOUEN (Ikimonogakari’s Hello Everyone Tour!! 2024, -You, Me, Everyone, Let’s Sing! – The Big Yokohama Show)’, Ikimonogakari will play additional performances on the tour at the Pia Arena MM.  Be sure to keep an eye out for the group’s first national tour as a duo.

Streaming Information
Streaming Links for ‘Blue Bird – From THE FIRST TAKE’:

Streaming Links for the Original Release of ‘Blue Bird’ (Currently streaming)

YouTube Information
‘Ikimonogakari – Blue Bird / THE FIRST TAKE’ (Currently available to watch):


[Profile] Ikimonogakari was formed on February 1st, 1999 by Yoshiki Mizuno and Hotaka Yamashita, who attended the same elementary, junior high and high school together. The name Ikimonogakari (which loosely translates to ‘Team Responsible Living Things’) comes from the fact that in their first year of elementary school the two of them would feed gold fish together.
They began performing together busking on the streets of their local areas of Atsugi and Ebina, as well as along the Odakyu Line. On November 3rd, 1999 they became a trio after the younger sister of a classmate of theirs, Kiyoe Yoshioka, spontaneously jumped in to join one of ikimonogakari’s busking sessions.
Since their made their major label debut on March 15th, 2006 with ‘SAKURA’, they have released numerous hits such as ‘Arigatou’, ‘YELL’, ‘Blue Bird’ and ‘Kaze ga Fuiteiru’.
Since the summer of 2021 they began working as a duo again. On May 3rd, 2023 they released ‘STAR’, their first track since becoming a duo.  On the same day, a free gig held at Vina Walk in their hometown of Ebina garnered massive attention, with more than 8,000 people showing up.
On September 13th, they released their 34th single ‘Ureshikute/Tokimeki’, their first in two years.
‘Ureshikute’ is the main theme for the movie ‘the film Pretty Cure All Stars F’ which released on Friday, September 15th, while ‘Tokimeki’ was the 20th anniversary song for Precure and it was also used as the opening theme for ‘the TV anime Kibo no Chikara – Otona Pretty Cure ’23’, an anime series which began its TV run on October 7th.

On Wednesday December 13th, they release their first album as a duo, and 10th overall, ‘○ (Read ‘maru’).

◉ Ikimonogakari|Official homepage:https://ikimonogakari.com
◉ Ikimonogakari|Twitter :https://twitter.com/IKIMONOofficial
◉ Ikimonogakari|YouTube :https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCflAJoghlGeSkdz5eNIl-sg
◉ Ikimonogakari|note  :https://note.com/ikimono_gakari/
◉ Kiyoe Yoshioka|Instagram  :https://www.instagram.com/kiyoe_yoshioka_official/
◉ Yoshiki Mizuno|Twitter  :https://twitter.com/mizunoyoshiki
◉ Yoshiki Mizuno|Instagram  :https://www.instagram.com/mizunoyoshiki_teke/

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